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Trying the most complex issues for over 30 years.

Avoiding discrimination of employees with disabilities

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Firm News

Navigating fair treatment of employees with disabilities can be challenging. Of course, you want to provide a safe and fair place for your employees. Still, you also need a certain amount of productivity for your business.

Discrimination claims can be expensive and damaging to your company and your reputation. However, when you provide the proper support for your employees with disabilities, you can avoid a lawsuit that could damage your business.

Here are some ways you can avoid a discrimination claim from your employees with disabilities.

Communication and disclosure

Your employees, regardless of ability, have the right to reasonable accommodations. Getting the best accommodation for your employees involves being open to communication from your employee about their disability and needs.

Once you know what an employee with disabilities needs, you can find a suitable accommodation to help them support your business. Often, the accommodations are as simple as a modified schedule or a slight change in assigned tasks.

Making a claim should be easy

No employer wants an employee to make a discrimination claim. It is essential, however, to make it simple for employees to make a claim. Making the claim process straightforward demonstrates that you want a fair and accepting environment for all your employees, regardless of ability.

Training is key

An employee does not have to have a disability to feel like they have a disability claim. However, you have an obligation to make reasonable accommodations to all employees, and failure to do so could be grounds for a discrimination claim.

It is essential to make sure all employees understand how to make a claim and what should happen after starting the procedure.