Trying the most complex issues
for over 30 years.

Trying the most complex issues for over 30 years.

What Is Complex Civil Litigation?

Complex civil litigation often involves multiple parties, complex subject matter and numerous expert witnesses. These are the cases where you have to educate the jury, or the judge, on a very specific industry or area of law. They require a confident, creative approach in order to be successful.

At Otto Law in Denver, Colorado, there is no area of law that is too technical. For every case, we put in the time and research necessary to build the strongest case possible. We go to court. We look at the issues from every angle so that when your complex case goes to trial, we can be prepared, direct and bold.

What Separates “Complex” From “Complicated”

Any lawsuit can get complicated. A complicated action becomes “complex civil litigation” when there are large assets at stake, multiple jurisdictions and especially technical areas of law.

In many instances, these cases involve business torts — such as theft of trade secrets, restraint of trade or tortious interference. When a case crosses into this arena, make sure to have an advocate on your side who is up to the task.

Our founding attorney, Otto K. Hilbert II, has 30 years of experience in the courtroom. He does a deep dive into every topic necessary to come up with a creative solution. He will make sure you know what you are facing and what to expect. Our firm is built on having the confidence to take your case all the way through to the end, no matter how complex things get.

Many lawyers are afraid of appeals court — but not us. Our litigation experience extends to appellate circuits all over the country and even the Supreme Court. If the trial court comes to the wrong conclusion in your case, we are ready to try again on appeal.

Entrust Your Case To Us

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