Trying the most complex issues
for over 30 years.

Trying the most complex issues for over 30 years.

A Creative Approach To IP Litigation

Intellectual property litigation is a highly technical area that can become impossibly specific. But at Otto Law in Colorado, we jump into every case, learning all the details we need to confidently take your case to trial.

Think of us as science fiction novelists — we do a tremendous amount of technical research in order to come up with creative, inventive ways to present that information at trial. We look for bold ways to tell your story.

To work with an attorney who will take your intellectual property case to trial, appeals and beyond, call Otto Law at 303-927-0142.

IP Litigation For Any Level

In every intellectual property case, we put in the time and research required to become experts on your case. That’s how we get you the results you deserve. Our clients include:

  • National pharmaceutical companies
  • Iconic vehicle manufacturers
  • Local organizations in Colorado

But their needs were similar. Each of our IP clients face challenges to their financial future entirely based around their ideas. Intellectual property cases can be so intricate that most involved would rather it go away, than have to make a real judgement.

But if your business, organization or future were the subject of such a technical case, you would demand that your representation take the case as far as needed for success. At Otto Law, we take on cases that others would find too complicated for trial. We are not intimidated by the opposition, or by the complexities of a tough IP case.

Creative Intellectual Property Solutions For Emerging Industries

In every intellectual property case, we put in the time and research required to become experts on your case. That’s how we get you the results you deserve. Experienced intellectual property guidance is especially important for emerging industries like marijuana production and cryptocurrency. When your business is built on innovation and changing markets, you need counsel that can innovate and change along with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Intellectual Property Law And Litigation

Clients come to us with many common questions about IP law. To get you started, we have answered a few below.

What are the advantages of having an attorney experienced in patent, trademark and copyright litigation?

An experienced IP litigation attorney can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case early on. At Otto Law, we use our knowledge of IP rights, regulations and case law to anticipate challenges and potential defenses. We also provide a realistic view regarding the likely outcomes of any given dispute from the start. Then, we craft a litigation plan that protects your interests and aligns with your business goals.

How does Otto Law’s approach to IP ligation help protect my company’s brand and its intellectual property and assets?

Some attorneys say that they are relentless – but we really mean it. At Otto Law, no subject matter is too complex to handle. We will immerse ourselves in the IP laws and cases relevant to your industry so we fully understand all the nuances and can leverage that knowledge in our fight. We are known for going to trial against the “big guys” and winning – and that makes us a formidable force in any IP case.

How does Otto Law respond when IP theft occurs, and what measures are taken to mitigate damage and protect the client’s intellectual property?

When your trademark, patent and copyrights are on the line, we do not back down. We take immediate measures to control the damage. That can include cease and desist letters, preservation of evidence action, obtaining injunctions and litigation.

How does an innovative approach help me when I’m involved in intellectual property disputes?

We excel at breaking down the specifics of complicated legal matters into “bite-sized” chunks of information that can be understood by a judge or jury. Our ability to craft an effective narrative that illustrates our points allows us to gain an edge over the opposition in court.

What types of intellectual property can your team advise me on, and how can I protect my intellectual property assets?

Any unauthorized use of your intellectual property can weaken your rights. We can help you protect your patents, trademarks and copyrights for apps, software, designs, logos, service marks, trade dress, artistic works, solar technology, green tech, music, trade secrets and more with an aggressive legal response to IP theft.

How can your team help maximize the value of my intellectual property, and how does this process work in the context of mergers or acquisitions?

We can work with valuation experts to determine the fair value and strength of your patents, trademarks, copyrights and other IP rights. Valuation is critical in negotiations for a merger or acquisition, and an accurate assessment of your IP’s worth can help you secure a more favorable deal.

How has your team of IP litigators successfully resolved other intellectual property cases, and what makes your team unique compared to other law firms?

We never back down. Our reputation as aggressive litigators also gives us an edge. Going to trial is second nature for us, and our opponents know this. We have successfully represented some of the biggest names in business and refused to settle just because it was convenient for others.

What is your approach when IP-related disputes arise, and how do you craft arguments to achieve victories?

We are willing to immerse ourselves in the details of your enterprise until we become as much of an expert as possible – no matter how complex the subject. We specialize in taking complex subject matters and breaking them down into clear, understandable arguments that explain your position.

What services do you offer related to intellectual property, and what types of courts or forums do you represent clients in?

No matter how obscure your intellectual property, we can protect your interests. We have successfully argued cases in over 20 states, before multiple appellate circuits and even the U.S. Supreme Court.

Protect Your Valuable Intellectual Property

Call Otto Law in Denver to learn how a creative, bold approach can help you protect your ideas and designs. Contact us online or call 303-927-0142 to schedule a consultation with a skilled IP lawyer.