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White collar crime: Accused of money laundering?

Money laundering, which is the process of making money earned from criminal activity appear clean, is a serious crime in Colorado and the United States as a whole. Those facing charges of money laundering may find themselves facing severe consequences if they are ultimately convicted. A white collar criminal defense attorney may be able to help one fight the charges or at least find ways to minimize the penalties if convicted.

Facing criminal charges for embezzlement?

Many Colorado residents hold jobs where they are responsible for handling other people's money or property. If they keep that money or property for themselves rather than using it for its intended purpose, they may be charged with embezzlement. This is a serious charge that can have severe consequences if one is ultimately convicted.

What can be learned from the Chrisley tax evasion case?

Tax crimes can have severe consequences. If one is successfully convicted of tax evasion, for example, the fines can be outrageous, and the probation and/or time behind bars can affect one's life in many ways. Colorado residents who are facing accusations of tax evasion can help themselves by having legal counsel at their sides to help them through it. The Chrisley tax evasion case is a good example of how fighting for oneself can prove beneficial.

White collar criminal defense: Bounty hunter facing fraud charges

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was contacted by an employee of Verizon Wireless to look into the actions of a Colorado man who claimed to be a law enforcement officer wanting to help those on the brink of taking their own lives. According to reports, this individual was actually a bounty hunter wanting assistance finding people to bring in. Due to the statements he allegedly made to various mobile provider employees, he is now facing fraud charges.

Colorado white collar criminal defense: Charged with tax evasion?

Tax evasion is a serious criminal offense that can carry significant penalties if one is convicted. Colorado residents who have found themselves facing such charges can likely help their situations by retaining legal counsel who has experience litigating white collar criminal defense cases. In short, when facing such charges, who is at one's side matters.

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