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Trying the most complex issues for over 30 years.

Is there a positive way to deal with a negative employee?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Employment Litigation

Functional, professional relationships between your employees and management are fundamental. Comprehensive employee handbooks and policy training help set behavioral expectations.

However, there will probably come a time when a worker’s attitude changes. Their mindset and work ethic may affect those around them and draw attention away from creating profits.

Firing a challenging employee might seem like the easiest way to handle these circumstances. However, apart from legal reasons to separate someone from the company, there’s likely a better way to approach a frustrating internal disconnect.

What’s going on?

Taking time for a transparent conversation can help you define the problem. While disruptive conduct is unacceptable, you might find out about a legitimate issue that’s upsetting your workforce.

Resolution may come from showing you care about those in your employ. If not, knowing what’s going on obliges you to consider – and communicate – the next steps.

Provide clear directions

Assuming your employee communicates openly and is receptive to feedback, review your policies and procedures with them to help you establish actionable guidelines for improvement.

For example, you might create a plan for a certain percentage of increased productivity by a specific date or timely arrival for the next week or two. Remember, your employees want to succeed; sometimes, they just need a little help to stay on track.

Put it in writing

Your plan to minimize conflict must adhere to employment laws to protect your company in case of a lawsuit. Documenting your discussions may support a potential decision to let an employee go down the line, while also holding you accountable for treating others fairly.

Growth, not perfection

Human interaction inevitably involves conflict, so preparing your business for interpersonal disruptions makes sense.

Meanwhile, have some grace as you deal with difficult situations. You’ve still got room for improvement as well.