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Trying the most complex issues for over 30 years.

Do I need to protect my logo?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Intellectual Property

As you get started with your business, you know that branding is vital to creating a reputation for your company. You sit down with a friend or two and sketch out a few logos and ultimately decide on one to represent your business.

While you like the logo, you recognize that there are other, fancier logos in the marketplace. Now is when you start to wonder if it is worth the investment to protect your logo.

Here’s what you should know about protecting your logo and other branding.

Every logo starts as an unknown

Your logo may not seem like it is worth the time and money to file for a trademark, but it is essential o remember that all logos start the same. The symbols that represent your favorite brands were once the subject of the question, “What does that product do?”

Although your logo may seem insignificant now, it could quickly become the envy of other businesses. When you file for trademark protection of your logo, you have a record of when you developed it and started using it. If another business owner starts using your branding, your paper trail will establish that you had the earlier claim to the design.

Enhancing the value of your business

It may not be time to start thinking about selling your company, but it is essential to think about what your business is worth. You already know that you need to build your customer base to enhance the value of your business, but your branding is another critical piece of the puzzle.

Protection for your branding creates a complete package for your business. It adds value to your company both for you and a prospective buyer. Getting protection for your logo means that the logo can belong to your business without worrying about competing interests.

Getting a trademark can take considerable time and complex paperwork. The trademark process is not one you want to attempt on your own.