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Trying the most complex issues for over 30 years.

Finding security in cloud storage

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Emerging Business

There was a certainty that came with some of the older ways to store data. When you saved something on a USB drive or a floppy disk, there was a piece of plastic you could hold. You knew if something happened to your computer, there was an object responsible for storing your data.

Computers no longer come with floppy drives, and a USB drive is no longer the typical use for the rectangular ports on the side of your laptop. Instead, your data and documents are (very likely) stored in the cloud.

Here’s what makes the cloud secure (and why you can trust it with your digital documents).

Accessibility for you, not them

One of the advantages of cloud storage is accessing your information from any device with an internet connection. With all of that accessibility, it feels like the data might be less secure. After all, rather than being on one device, your data is accessible through any device.

Part of what makes your cloud-stored data more secure is encryption. Storing information in the cloud means that the data is also encrypted in addition to your password to get into your account. While no system is completely secure, encryption means there are more measures to keep your data private.


If you get nervous storing your data without a tangible object to hold, you are not alone. Although any technology can have a glitch (including external drives), cloud storage is as fast as your internet speed and tends to be very reliable.

An additional feature many software programs are adding is auto-save. Auto-save and auto-backup features mean that you do not have to remember to click through a save-process before the most up-to-date version of your work is available anywhere.