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An employer’s worker-linked concerns: many and varied

They are the most prized and essential resource for any Colorado employer, yet having the ready potential to disrupt company operations and spur legal liability.

Today’s blog post spotlights workers. A company’s on-the-job labor force is unquestionably the key cog that implements business objectives and drives enterprise success. At the same, time, though, select employees can throw up challenges that materially threaten their employers in broad-based ways.

Like damaging business reputation, for instance. Or eroding the hard-earned good will that management has built up over many years. Some employee complaints spur wide-ranging discontent in a labor force. Allegations of corporate mistreatment and/or unlawful behavior can lead to formal legal contests before agencies and administrative bodies or in court. Awarded damages against employers can be punitively high.

Worker complaints: an encompassing list of alleged wrongs

Any list featuring employee allegations of management wrongdoing will feature a bulleted enumeration that is both long and varied. Here are but a few representative examples:

  • Unfair treatment in the hiring process
  • Disparate adverse impact on one or more workers based upon a distinguishing attribute (e.g., race, age, disability or gender)
  • Punitive company reprisal targeting a legal employee behavior (for example, participating in a union activity or spotlighting corporate malfeasance as a whistleblower)
  • Pay outcomes that clearly disfavor some workers

Labor laws that companies need to know and understand

A national legal source on labor law offers a nutshell observation regarding the broad-based employment law challenges that virtually any company faces.

It states this: “Federal and state governments have enacted a number of laws that bar an employer from discriminating against employees on almost any grounds.”

That “almost any grounds” denotion is far from misplaced or overstated. These are but a few of the powerful pro-employee enactments that workers cite to in alleging workplace wrongs committed against them:

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964 (specifically Title VII, seminal legislation that sets forth many protected workplace classifications
  • Federal Equal Pay Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Americans With Disabilities Act

Employers in Colorado and nationally must absolutely be aware of and well apprised concerning such legislation and additional legal supports relied upon by workers asserting management wrongdoing.

They can turn for candid guidance and diligent representation to a proven employment law legal team with a deep well of experience in labor-linked litigation matters.