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Trying the most complex issues for over 30 years.

White collar crime: Accused of money laundering?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2020 | White Collar Criminal Defense

Money laundering, which is the process of making money earned from criminal activity appear clean, is a serious crime in Colorado and the United States as a whole. Those facing charges of money laundering may find themselves facing severe consequences if they are ultimately convicted. A white collar criminal defense attorney may be able to help one fight the charges or at least find ways to minimize the penalties if convicted.

There are three steps to a money-laundering scheme. Those steps are placement, layering and integration. These steps involve putting dirty money in a clean financial system, concealing the source of the funds and then withdrawing the funds, which are now in a legitimate account.

At the heart of any criminal case is intent. Fighting money laundering charges may be possible if the accused is able to prove the absence of intent. Other defense options may also be helpful in one’s case if one is unable to show a lack of intent.

Accusations of money laundering are not something to treat lightly. If convicted, one may end up spending time behind bars and having to pay a number of fines and penalties — among various other consequences. Colorado residents who find themselves facing criminal charges for this crime can help themselves by seeking legal assistance as soon as possible. There are never any guarantees that one will be able to win one’s case, but with a white collar criminal defense team on one’s side, it is possible to achieve the best outcome possible under the circumstances.