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What electrical issues are often seen in homes?

Buying a home is supposed to be an exciting thing. It does not matter if one is purchasing an existing home or building one from the ground up; the final product should be of good quality and free from defects. Unfortunately, some Colorado residents may find that their new homes are not defect-free. One problem often seen in residential buildings is electrical issues. Here are just a few of the most common.

Problem number one: No GFCI protection. GFCI outlets will trip if there is a current imbalance detected. This action can prevent a person from experiencing electrical shock, which can result in significant injury or death. While GFCI outlets are commonly found in newer homes, they may not be in the proper place. When it comes to older homes, they may not be present at all.

Problem number two: Wires placed near sharp metal edges. Wires that may touch sharp metal edges, whether in junction boxes or panels, may have their insulation stripped from them. If the current jumps, the wires may heat up and may start a house fire.

Problem number three: Exposed wiring. Exposed wires can be easily damaged. They are also a fire hazard.

Unfortunately, unless one is willing to take things apart or dig into walls, many electrical issues can easily go unnoticed until they become a big problem. Electrical concerns, whether big or small, if not adequately addressed, can cause significant harm to a property and its residents. It is not unreasonable for Colorado residents to want those responsible for their home's electrical defects to take ownership of their shoddy workmanship. It is also reasonable for one to want to seek compensation for any damages the defect has caused. An attorney with experience handling construction litigation cases can assist those wishing to seek resolution and relief by taking legal action if deemed appropriate.

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