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Trying the most complex issues for over 30 years.

White collar criminal defense: Bounty hunter facing fraud charges

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | White Collar Criminal Defense

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was contacted by an employee of Verizon Wireless to look into the actions of a Colorado man who claimed to be a law enforcement officer wanting to help those on the brink of taking their own lives. According to reports, this individual was actually a bounty hunter wanting assistance finding people to bring in. Due to the statements he allegedly made to various mobile provider employees, he is now facing fraud charges.

The accused was the owner of the Colorado Public Safety Task Force, which was recently shut down. He is said to have used his company to trick mobile providers into giving him real-time locations of several individuals who had jumped bail. He allegedly claimed to be a police officer when he called to get this information. The cellphone provider employees, knowing that law enforcement officials have the right to collect this type of information, willingly handed it over.

Following the FBI investigation, this individual was arrested and charged with eight counts of fraud. He has entered a not guilty plea. It is unclear when his case will be heard in criminal court. The accused is already a convicted felon — a fact that will not help his case. If he is convicted on the current charges filed against him, he could spend years behind bars and be subject to various other penalties.

Only time will tell how this man’s case works itself out. He is not the first person to face fraud charges for giving false statements to mobile providers, and he will not be the last. Colorado residents who have found themselves in similar positions as this man can help themselves by seeking out legal counsel with experience handling federal fraud cases. With the right legal assistance in one’s corner, one may achieve the best possible outcome.