Going To Trial Is
Our Business

Otto Law is a leading litigation firm. There is no matter too complex for us.
We will adapt to whatever strategy best suits your need.

We Try Cases

Our firm’s central business is going to court. We take on complex civil issues for businesses and organizations, defending against violations and protecting their interests. Our firm can tackle any issue you face, including:

For many, going to court is frightening. Even some lawyers can feel that way. Our firm takes pride in the confidence of our preparation and experience no matter the venue. We have argued in over 20 state courts, appellate courts for five national districts and the US Supreme Court, and we have had success at every level.

Trying the most complex issues for over 30 years.

30 Years Of Litigation Experience
To Secure Your Business

Our lawyers provide business consultation informed by our litigation practice. We can help you with everything from business formation to employment contracts to mergers and sales. With our knowledge of litigation, we can anticipate possible problems and navigate your business to success.

Creative, Prepared Representation For Emerging Markets

An emerging market, such as marijuana production or cryptocurrency, is going to disrupt the natural balance of the economic ecosystem. When things are in a state of flux, businesses need to count on a firm that can innovate and respond to new legal realities as they arise.

Colorado has long been open to new innovations, and as such, these markets have found a home here. As a Denver-based firm, we stay informed of all the relevant developments that affect the local community. We are prepared to use our innovative, effective techniques to research and represent you in whatever you need.


Meet Otto K. Hilbert, II

Know The Facts. Understand Your Chances.

Attorney Otto K. Hilbert II has proven himself again and again in court for the last 30 years. That success, coupled with our willingness to dig in and understand every angle of every case, allows us to build unique strategies for every client. Litigation is not an easy trade. You must always be aware that if you are going to court, the chances are the opposing team thinks they have a chance.

We make it a practice to analyze every aspect of your case and give you a realistic, practical outlook of your chances in court. We will educate you on your strengths and your liabilities and work with you to get the best possible results. Contact us today to speak about your case by calling 303-324-3748 or using our online form.